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Martin Bačkor - personal website
prof. RNDr. Martin Bačkor, DrSc. bio-eco monitoring

Martin Bačkor

Workplace: Institute of Biology and Ecology
Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Košice
Faculty of Science
Address: Mánesova 23, 040 01 Košice
Phone: +421 55 234-2302  |  VoIP
Room: 221(Ma23-NK) (.floor)
Email: martin.backor@upjs.sk

Slovak language



Membership and projects:

Slovak Botanical Society
Slovak Ecological Society
Czech Botanical Society
American Bryological and Lichenological Society
Societa' Lichenologica Italiana, honorary member

Grant APVT SK-HU-0010-08 Study of tolerance mechanisms against heavy metals in lichens: chelatation of metals by secondary metabolites and meaning of photobiont, 2009-2010, head of project

Grant APVT SK-BG-0013-08 Study of cytotoxical influence of farmaceutic relevant metabolites from lichens, 2009-2010, head of project

Grant VEGA 1/4337/07 Study of biological activities of secondary metabolites from lichens, 2007-2009, head of project

Grant APVT-20-003004 Study of toxicity and toleration toward heavy metals in lichen's photobionts, 2005-2007, head of project

Grant VVGS-27/2004 Study of changes in physiological and biochemical processes of lichens effect stress of heavy metals, 2004-2005, head of project

Grant VEGA 1/1285/04 Study of mechanisms of tolerance for heavy metals in lichens. 2004-2006, head of project

Grant VVGS/001/2003/B Role of prolin in toleration lichen's photobiont Trebouxia erici on copper. 2003, head of project

Grant VEGA 1/6029/99 Induction of tolerance for heavy metals in selected phylum lichens photobionts Trebouxia sp. - resynthesis metaltolerant populations of lichens in vitro. 1999-2001, head of project

Grant UK/1573/97 Study of cytology, physiology and genome metaltolerant photobionts selected genus of lichens. 1997, head of project
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